Are You Looking for a Speaker for
Your Next Business or Marketing Event?

Depending on the subject matter, I might be able to help.

Since starting my business in 2013, I have been speaking on various internet business and marketing topics as well as career empowerment.

With a changing job market, I feel a need to spread the principles I share in my book Pajama Paydays, How To Make The Internet Work For You.

I love empowering my audience by showing them options they can use to survive and thrive in the new economy and online business arena.

Most of all, I love empowering women to take their career into their own hands and take responsibility for their own finances.

Hwayda Kater Speaker & Trainer

My speaking engagements have ranged from 30 minutes to full 3-day training programs based on the audience and their needs. I have presented to audiences ranging from 3 to over 250 and can customize my content to fit their needs.

CONNECT and let me know how I can help you with your next business or marketing training event.