The job market is changing. Learn how to increase your income using the internet… even if you have no online business experience.

Welcome to my personal website!

I am Hwayda Kater, an internet entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer.

I help savvy entrepreneurs and business owners create, design and automate their training, marketing and sales content so they can share their message, attract more clients and grow their business.

My early career was mostly in the information technology and software industry. Now I work more with service providers in the education, consulting and digital marketing space.

Working in the education space inspired me to write my own book and create my own training programs.

In this changing job market, my message is to encourage, and support entrepreneurship and I do that with training programs, speaking and coaching.

CONNECT and let me help you with your next training, marketing and sales projects.

Hwayda Kater

Are You Looking for a Speaker for
Your Next Business or Marketing Event?

Depending on the subject matter, I might be able to help.

Since starting my business in 2013, I have been speaking on various internet business and marketing topics as well as career empowerment.

With a changing job market, I feel a need to spread the principles I share in my book Pajama Paydays, How To Make The Internet Work For You.

I love empowering my audience by showing them options they can use to survive and thrive in the new economy and online business arena.

Most of all, I love empowering women to take their career into their own hands and take responsibility for their own finances.

Hwayda Kater Speaker

My speaking engagements have ranged from 30 minutes to full 3-day training programs based on the audience and their needs. I have presented to audiences ranging from 3 to over 250 and can customize my content to fit their needs.

CONNECT to assess your event and audience needs.

Words of Praise

Hwayda’s expertise was a welcome addition to the marketing team. Her marketing, technical, design and content development skills helped shaped many of the key marketing assets and training programs. Creating detailed keynote, web and email templates also helped systemize many of the repetitive tasks and create a more consistent visual brand.

D. Gilks, Electrum Consulting

“Hwayda does great work and is an absolute pleasure to work with. One of the first outside consultants I have worked with who can take raw materials and turn it into a high-end, million dollar design. A true a professional and highly recommended.”

N. Palmer, BPM

“Hwayda has offered creative direction for the branding and implementation of my e-commerce website that has allowed me to setup my site more quickly and with a high level of quality… I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking for branding or e-marketing guidance.”

P. Jones, Radiant

“Hwayda is absolutely terrific to work with. She brings a unique creative flair balanced with a solid understanding of the corporate brand personality, and target market dynamics… She has helped ACL create a leadership persona that opens doors and builds trust.”

D. Brownridge, ACL

“Over the past few years, Hwayda Kater has skillfully evolved Sierra Systems' brand image. Whether it was for advertising, brochures, events or conferences, Hwayda successfully created powerful pieces that communicated our professional style. We believe our brand's visual representation has never looked better, and has never been better aligned with our core strategy and values.”

A. Niosi, Sierra Systems

“Hwayda created a clever design for a very complex software project, on time and on budget. She is smart, intuitive and professional. I trusted her instincts and she more than delivered.”

R. Scott, Treatment

“Hwayda listened carefully to our marketing and corporate positioning strategies and made valuable suggestions and recommendations…If you are looking for an outstanding graphic design person and someone who can grasp your design issues and not dominate your philosophy or personality, give Hwayda a call.”

E. Cooke, Cornerstone International Community College

“Hwayda consistently delivered creative that made our marketing campaigns stand out from the rest. She is a wonderful collaborator with a broad range of skills spanning graphic design and audio/visual production. She's a true professional and a pleasure to work with!”

M. Versteeg, Cardinal Path

“Hwayda Kater is a talented creative director whose keen design talents and understanding of marketing makes her an invaluable part of a team.”

B. Hardy, Director of Marketing at ACL

Some of the companies worked with include: